Top 5 Hootsuite Features For Business

Top 5 Hootsuite Features For Business


With 6 million users worldwide, including some of the world’s most recognizable brands, a 272% increase in corporate sales, and a thriving online community of users, Hootsuite has quickly established itself as an essential Social Media management tool for businesses.

This dramatic growth has been mainly due to the demand of large global organisations, who have now embraced Social Media as a way to communicate and engage with their customers, create online communities and monitor what’s being said about their products or services online.

With hundreds of social media management tools now available on the market, what makes Hootsuite so popular with so many of today’s social businesses?

In this post, we will look at some of Hootsuite’s main features that support the social media activities of today’s modern business.

Account Management

These days, most organisations are active on more than one social network. This presents a challenge to many businesses. The main one being that this can take a great deal of time and resource away from other important areas of the business. One way to manage this more efficiently is by using Hootsuite. This allows businesses to manage all their profiles under one social dashboard, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+ Pages and Linkedin. Also, thanks to the Hootsuite App Directory you have access to a collection of extensions that will allow you to add even more social tools and networks to your dashboard, including YouTube, Tumblr and Instagram, as well at tools like MailChimp, Salesforce and ZenDesk.


Social Media isn’t just about sharing, it’s also very important to listen to what people are saying. For businesses, there could be millions of people out there already talking about your products or services online- if you aren’t listening then you could be missing out. Hootsuite allows businesses to monitor what’s being said about their brand, products or services online with ease. You can even monitor what people are saying about your competitors, allowing you to quickly respond and engage with potential customers. You also have the ability to geo-locate your searches, allowing you to monitor what people are saying in your local area. This works especially well for local businesses who want to reach out to the local community.


Social Media is a great way to share your content. Whether you’re a small business or a huge global organisation, there will be times that you won’t have access to your computer or your mobile phone. With Hootsuite’s advanced scheduling feature, businesses can schedule their posts to come out at regular intervals which maximizes the penetration of your shared content, maintaining a consistent social presence for your business. This works especially well if you have a global community that live in a different time zone than you. You can also use the Auto Schedule technology to optimize and automate your scheduling process. This will automatically queue your posts ensuring they are sent out at optimal delivery times from within the dashboard.

Team Collaboration

With “Hootsuite Teams” businesses are provided with a set of tools that allows teams to collaborate through Hootsuite with efficiency and ease. These tools have been designed to make social media management easier for businesses of all sizes, allowing team members to support, coordinate, monitor and publish tasks across the various social networks within your Hootsuite dashboard. Hootsuite Conversations also allows users to converse, collaborate or share a message with anyone within your team without having to leave the dashboard, helping reduce the number of emails that are being sent.


Hootsuite Analytics allows businesses to create custom reports, letting you directly measure the impact and success of your social media campaigns across your social networks, including Twitter, Facebook and Google+. You can choose from over 40 modules, including Facebook Insights, Twitter Growth Stats, Click Stats, Google+ Page stats and Organization Analytics allowing you to keep track of what posts have been sent, assigned and resolved within your teams.


It’s kind of hard to find a fault with Hootsuite, and I would go as far to say that this is the best social media management tool available today. I would happily recommend Hootsuite to any business that’s looking to communicate with their customers online or monitor what’s being said about their brand. It will also allow them to manage all their activities in an organized way, which helps simplify, streamline and enhance the process. With new features being added frequently and an app directory that is constantly growing, you can’t go wrong with Hootsuite.

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