Google Plus Declared Dead, What Happens After is AMAZING!

UPDATE 18-may-2014: I don't think i have this kind of influence, but according to Jade Wang, there are new features for google maps for Business, including

  • Bulk Edit of locations
  • Data Conflict interface
  • Adding and removing managers

See the whole thread on the product forum of Google.!

(and now… the original post)

It happened so fast: Vic Gundotra announced that he was leaving Google+ and suddenly, all  hell broke loose! The ground cracked open, flames erupted and the sky become dark… And after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree.

Riding the Google+ (Wave?)

Most press has decided to ride the wave in order to get more exposure. I’m talking about you, Techcrunch, especially if your editors have not been on Google+ for… well… ages. Continue reading “Google Plus Declared Dead, What Happens After is AMAZING!”

Why NekNominations are Causing Me to Lose Faith in Society

Unless you’ve been living on Mars for the past few weeks (which, frankly, I wish I had been) you’ll have seen the NekNomination craze that has been taking Facebook by storm.

This involves people downing alcoholic drinks and then nominating someone else to do the same, possibly by going one better than their nominator. The ‘hilarious’ japes are filmed and posted onto their Facebook timeline, so all of their friends can see how much of a lad they are. Fun huh?


It has been reported that the craze started off in Australia, and that it only reached the UK a few weeks ago. It’s obviously a universal fact that drinking is ‘cool’ and the more alcohol your can drink, the cooler you are. Continue reading “Why NekNominations are Causing Me to Lose Faith in Society”

Two Thousand and Late – 10 Online Habits That Should Remain in the Digital Past

People have so many annoying online habits, but a lot of the time, it’s things that can be stopped. We’ve all done them in the past, but we’re into 2014. Add these bad boys to your New Year’s resolution list. It’s no longer 2005, no-one is going to think you’re cool.

N.B. This article could coincide with the fact that I’m getting old. I no longer want to spend every Saturday morning waking up with a colossal hangover, and I no longer want my whole life broadcast across social media. So either these things really are well and truly dead, or I’m just past it.

That's annoying!1. Fictional Names

Apart from on Twitter, where a made up name is almost mandatory because someone in China who never tweets has taken yours, there’s no need to make up a name. Don’t add a ‘quirky’ middle name to your Facebook profile. We all know your real middle name is Alan, and that your real surname is Smith, not Smithington-Brown III.

The only time this is acceptable is if you’re under the age of 18 and you don’t know better.

2. Photos from Every Night Out

The novelty of uploading photos on Facebook has seriously worn off. No-one wants to see every single photo that you took of you and your three other friends on a night out. How have you had time to take 203 pictures anyway? Shouldn’t you just concentrate on having a good time? Continue reading “Two Thousand and Late – 10 Online Habits That Should Remain in the Digital Past”

The Case For Continually Updated Content – Revisited

continuously updated contentSometimes, you write about something and think to yourself: “holy crap, this is going to be BIG in the next year or so!”

…But then it turns out that you’re wrong.

Huh. Fair enough – it happens, I mean we can’t always be right with our predictions, eh? – but sometimes it feels almost undeservedly so…

Over a year ago, I wrote a YouMoz post called “Continually Updated Content & Extended Outreach – A Case Study,” which discussed how an evergreen – but regularly updated – piece of content can obtain more links over time and can be shared multiple times via social media more legitimately compared to most other standard content. The difference is that while regular evergreen content is always relevant (hence, why it’s evergreen), once it’s published, it never typically changes, while continually updated content is constantly being changed and added to by the author/creator. Continue reading “The Case For Continually Updated Content – Revisited”

Top 5 Hootsuite Features For Business

Top 5 Hootsuite Features For Business


With 6 million users worldwide, including some of the world’s most recognizable brands, a 272% increase in corporate sales, and a thriving online community of users, Hootsuite has quickly established itself as an essential Social Media management tool for businesses.

This dramatic growth has been mainly due to the demand of large global organisations, who have now embraced Social Media as a way to communicate and engage with their customers, create online communities and monitor what’s being said about their products or services online.

With hundreds of social media management tools now available on the market, what makes Hootsuite so popular with so many of today’s social businesses?

In this post, we will look at some of Hootsuite’s main features that support the social media activities of today’s modern business.

Account Management

These days, most organisations are active on more than one social network. This presents a challenge to many businesses. The main one being that this can take a great deal of time and resource away from other important areas of the business. One way to manage this more efficiently is by using Hootsuite. This allows businesses to manage all their profiles under one social dashboard, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+ Pages and Linkedin. Also, thanks to the Hootsuite App Directory you have access to a collection of extensions that will allow you to add even more social tools and networks to your dashboard, including YouTube, Tumblr and Instagram, as well at tools like MailChimp, Salesforce and ZenDesk. Continue reading “Top 5 Hootsuite Features For Business”