Professionalism for Fun and Profit

Barrie and I were sharing a rant in a hangout a couple of days ago and it seems like a good time to share it with others. I’ve gone off a few times before about some of these, but since many of them still keep popping up with annoying frequency, I think they’ll bear repeating.

Town cryer

1.      Just because you think you have something to say, doesn’t mean you should.

Most of us have opinions on just about any topic. In my experience, the people that are most worth listening to are often those that have the least to say. Not always, obviously, but often.

In the SEO world, there’s a lot more that’s unknown than known. So when you’re talking about things that have no definitive answer, it makes sense to qualify your statements as opinion or conjecture. Stating wild-ass guesses as fact not only misleads others, it points you out as the wild ass you are. Decidedly unprofessional.

2.      Proclaiming yourself to be an expert, ninja or guru only impresses YOU.

Want to impress people? Try making some sense. Try presenting an intelligent analysis or discussion, looking at all sides of an issue. Billing yourself as some sort of “expert” won’t impress anyone but you. And if you’re doing so, then you’re obviously already quite impressed with yourself. Too much so, in all probability.

What impresses people about others is when other respected professionals refer to them as an expert. And that’ll happen after they earn it with deeds, rather than empty, self-serving words. The “Look at me! Look at me!” approach is a quick way of making people look the other way… permanently. Unless being a professional ass is your goal, avoid this rookie mistake.

3.      Don’t beat someone else’s dead horse.

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