Stick a fork in it – Interviews are done!

“This is why SEOs can’t have anything nice”


I thought I was dreaming and then I realised I was awake and it was a nightmare – it was the link apocalypse.

Matt Cutts' tweet

You are seeing this correctly, a tweet from Matt himself to an interview.

Wow, just click on it and have a look, I stopped counting around 53 commercial anchor text links and affiliate links and not a single link on the page has nofollow on it. (no robots.txt, either 😉 )

I am pretty sure Matt has been caught with his pants down here. He has “outreached”, completed the interview in good faith and then been spammed. It’s a little ironic. to say the least, but, Matt really should have checked the post before he tweeted, don’t ya think?

The problem is, Matt is the great white hope, and, he is open to criticism from every quarter. Hell, I don’t think I could do his job for love nor money and I have to admit the majority of the time I feel for the guy, but this is just ridiculous.

You also know what the SEO community is like, so they’ll be all over it. There are already private and public discussions, slamming him from every angle.

What’s next?


You guessed it, we’ve seen it over the last 24 months as a growing way for people to bait and garner links. SEOs suggesting it to clients as a “good move”. Well, here we go! Next on the Google chopping blog – interviews – all interview links must be nofollowed as they have been “paid for”…

So boys and girls, stick a fork in it (again) Interviews are done – not sure what’s left in your arsenal 😉

2 thoughts on “Stick a fork in it – Interviews are done!

  1. I would say as it is done by Matt Cutts himself, then there is no issue. However, I am also shocked by the number of links in his interview going out to so many websites. Double Standards or Bias?

  2. Josh says:

    Hey Barrie. I saw the article earlier Matt tweeted and was curious about the links myself. But as Dennis Goedegebuure asked “were the links inserted by Matt or the site owner?” – I didn’t see a response by Matt on it, but I would be curious to see his response. I imagine if the site owner did add those links Matt would’ve said something.

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