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Jan. 18, 2014

If We’re to Lean, Let’s Lean Toward Impartiality

Around this time of year, we see a lot of lists popping up. Some may deal with people that stood out during the previous year, like Level343’s Top SEO Women 2013, while others are just seeking nominations for the new year, like the Albany Business Review’s 40 Under Forty 2014.

The problem is, most of these are slanted. Gabriella’s studiously ignores half the world’s population for its gender, while ABR ignores nearly half as too old. Whether biased by gender, age, religion, political bent, sexuality or body mass index, by singling some out, we also exclude others.

And I decry the injustice of such exclusionary practices. This is 2014, people! Haven’t we evolved beyond such petty gestures? Must we sideline those that are mammary-challenged or born before 1974? What’s next? Blue eyes, red hair or insufficient height?

We see such lists that limit their candidates by nationality, age, gender, religion, nationality, fame, financial worth and educational level. I submit that it’s just a way of reducing the size of the pool we must select from. Given the size of that pool, I suppose it’s understandable.

So I thought perhaps I’d suggest launching another list – a short-list, to be sure. One that will reasonably reduce the number of candidates, without being overly exclusionary.

Top Five Cranky Old White, Heterosexual, Conservative, Sexagenarian Contractors Residing in a 3rd Floor Walk-up on the South Side of the 0100 Block of a Street Named After a Lord of the Blackwood  Family – 2015

Has a nice even-handed ring to it, don’t you think?




Jan. 3, 2014

Another Year Behind US – Another in Front

Well, another year has gone by, and a new one has dawned. For TheMeld, it signifies a birth, with what we hope will be an exciting future. For other online businesses, it may be a re-birth, with a new direction, or simply more of the same old thing… depending upon their goals and their drive. We have a lot of both.


On an individual level, people face the new year in different fashions. Some may have spent the last several days energetically drafting a list of New Year’s resolutions, with a sense of determination that this year, they’ll follow through.

Others go through the motions, listing one or two ‘I really need to …’ resolutions, but already making excuses to themselves for why they’ll probably fall short of living up to them.

Some, of course, are disdainful of the entire process, with a bored ‘ho-hum’ being their only homage to tradition (aside from a possible hangover).

Finally, some simply craft blog posts highlighting what happened in the previous year or making predictions of things to come in the new. Plenty of these can already be found, and more are sure to surface in the next week or so.

Only One Resolution for TheMeld

At TheMeld, we’re simply going to outline some of our plans for 2014 and set about making them happen. We have no cast-in-stone schedule… progress and events will define our timetable as they unfold. But we do have a number of things planned for you.

The first, obviously, is to provide a vibrant source of information for our readers, focused on the things that matter to UK-based SEOs, webmasters, marketers and assorted digital geeks. This has been lacking, with only a couple of limited efforts to satisfy a growing need.

We also, however, want to provide a community where UK professionals can learn, teach, share or simply discuss strategies and techniques – where they can dissect the various possibilities for their businesses and determine which offer them the most effectiveness.

We intend to accomplish this via a number of avenues, as different people prefer different venues. Part of that will be done with regular Google Hangouts, while we’ll also be hosting a Q&A section on the site. For questions that may require a more immediate response, we’ll have a chat-room, and if there’s enough interest, we will have a topical forum.

The sequence in which these will be rolled out is still under consideration, but rest assured, we don’t intend to drag our feet. We’re all burning the midnight oil to get things online as quickly as possible.



Jan. 2, 1014

Isn’t it amazing that there exists such a dearth of timely UK-centric marketing news? Have you ever found it frustrating that your Monday working day is ending, just as most US-based publishers are having their Monday morning coffee, essentially putting you a day behind current events in search and marketing?

We think it’s time for that to change – that it’s time for those in the UK to be able to hear the rumblings of current events while the news is still fresh. That’s where the idea for The Meld was born.

That’s not to say that US publications are the only source in the UK to see what’s happening online, of course, But who has time to visit a dozen or so blogs each day, in the off chance that something noteworthy is noticed and written about?

The Meld will do that for you. Every.Single.Day.

The Meld is more than just an online publication… it will also include (some portions of which will be behind a wall) communities, a forum, Q&A, regular HangOuts, a chat-room and a library. It will be a place to get together with your peers, build new relationships, compare ideas, learn new techniques – on your terms. It will be a place to learn what’s affecting various aspects of digital marketing in the UK, directly from other UK marketers, rather than from someone on the other side of the world.

Most importantly, it’s yours… let us know what you want to see. Whether you’re looking for tool comparisons, semantic markup tutorials or an analysis of the latest algorithm update, The Meld will provide it. We intend to cover a lot of topics, but in a way that will allow you to avoid having to sift through an eclectic collection of articles to see if we’re running anything that day that interests you.

You’ll be able to customize a feed directly to your inbox, participate in topically-focused communities with others with similar specialties or ask other professionals for their opinions on specific questions. In short, you can make The Meld what you want it to be.

We’ve already assembled a number of highly respected professionals in the SEO, marketing and technical fields, all of whom are either based or work extensively in the UK, to provide their insights via regular articles. Our three founders are all SEOs/marketers (two of them are UK based and the other has been serving UK clients for several years).

We’re publicly announcing The Meld today, with our soft-launch scheduled for later this month. You can keep abreast by circling us on Google+ or following us on Twitter or Facebook.


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