SEO, ORM, PPC – What???


Some of us grew up with IBM, some of us grew up with ABC, NBC and CBS.

If you are reading this, maybe you work in SEO, SEM, PPC or ORM, maybe on a PC.

Maybe you get slang.. maybe you don’t.. from A to Z.. here are some things you should be thinking about.. read between the lines.. and letters.

When we use capital letters to shorten our verbal or written description of something to a word, it is a form of language known as an acronym. If not pronounced like a word, they’re initialisms.

Here are some you may or may not know, directly related to Digital Advertising from A to Z.

ABT – Always Be Testing – (see #whitecoatseo).

A.S.A.P – As Soon As Possible – this doesn’t mean go build links, it means perform the due diligence needed to allow the client’s content to rise in search queries.

#BHat – Black Hat SEO – it might be unethical, it might be illegal, if you show it to Matt Cutts, it should get you removed from Google.

Bing – you know, Microsoft’s search engine? It’s at least usually 20% more traffic alone JUST by adding your client’s website to Bing Webmaster Tools, why haven’t you done it yet?

CPC – Cost Per Click – If it takes one person one hour at a billable rate to update some code on your website, if that hourly rate is $100 and you gets 10,000 visits on your website from that SEO coding, your cost per click is one cent. This is also used in budgeting for paid media, PPC, BT or RT.

CMS – Content Management System – your client has one, it doesn’t matter which, or does it? Learn them, learn your client’s – there are lots of opportunities.

DDOS – Distributed Denial Of Service – This is when your website is bombarded with some type of electronic transmission that causes it crash or reboot. Used for removing a website from Google in Negative SEO.

EOD – End of Day – Entirely dependent on Time Zone of Central Office or usually 5P.M. or Midnight. Tomorrow morning at 8PM is not EOD.

#Fail – You charged your client to add NoFollow links to their website, You got them penalized, now YOU charge them to update website and remove links.. Shame on YOU. #Fail.

FT – Full-Time – SEOs dream about SEO, we drive and think about SEO, we play xbox and think about SEO, and then we go to work and we do SEO.

FTW – For The Win or what it used to be.. which wouldn’t pass Google Safe Search so it is omitted from this blog.

Google – Google is supposedly EVIL, yet we owe our lives, our lifestyle and our careers as SEOs to Google. It could have been Yahoo!, WebCrawler, AltaVista or Infoseek, but it wasn’t, it was Google who dominated search. As such they have all the gold and make all the rules… called Google Webmaster Guidelines. If they were clear about how the search engine ranks everything, then people would exploit it. My job is to exploit Google, within the limits it has defined. So by following ALL of the rules, not just some, we give Google what it wants, based on its Knowledge Graph view of the client’s digital assets.

By understanding Google and giving “it” what, “it” wants, your client is prominently displayed among Google properties. How is that so hard to understand? Abide by the GWT rules.. the rest will follow.

GTG – ok Steve.. please stop talking.. we finally get it.. thanks for pounding it into our heads.. sorry we didn’t listen.

HTML – Coding.. learn it.. love it.. live it.. or go work for client services and project management.. so you can help the people who can code meet deadlines and do those client-facing things.

HYPE – Don’t believe it. Don’t put nofollow on every link on your blog and let Google spider it.. you just told them you are a link farm (see #fail).

I – it’s not I, it’s we, unless you are an island. We SEOs, (would include people who I work with and converse with online.. you know who you are..), understand what to do. We usually don’t blog about it.. but now we have to.. or at least I think we should, because (see HYPE), it’s getting out of hand, clients are agreeing to things that get them removed from Google results and not telling the people they hired to do SEO.. so again I know, WE SEOs need to communicate better. I will do my part.. here is a blog. =)

Just Do It –  (See ™) a marketing phrase by Nike.  Should be accompanied by a ™, since it is a trademark. Which reminds you. A. Don’t use it without permission and B. Always use the correct notation and intellectual property when using. If you make a mistake, it can show up in Google in minutes and take weeks to change. No, Nike isn’t a client but if they were, that’s how you treat them.

K – When the internet started it was Kbps – not MB or GB/sec.. now we have mobile… sometimes your pages should be coded for K not M or G. =)

KPI – Key Performance Indicator – used to be keywords.. and with “not provided”, it’s still about keywords.. but based on what users’ needs state, not Google Analytics.

Local – Do customers visit your location? If yes, then start here – how do they contact you, what do they ask for? (Take notes.. do your customers call you and ask for what they want?)

LLC – limited liability corporation… think about it.

M – Matt Cutts – Google Spam Lord. – He is a Good guy, a benevolent King.. yet he also has to think about all the other Google subjects every time he opens his mouth.. so he can’t exactly be transparent, or the evil spam queen will turn the kingdom to blackness and most of us will not have jobs..  read between the lines… go buy GOOG stock.. then see if he makes more sense. (lightbulb?)

MSA – Managed Services Agreement – A managed services agreement is the contract that binds you and the client on what is expected by whom and when, this is where you and client “record” the common understanding, the keyword is “record” did you say you guarantee #1 in 2 weeks? Or what? Did you record it? Is it in writing?

N – NoFollow – see “Hype” above.

NSA – they aren’t reading this… unless you share it.

O – Overreaching – this is when things are TBD.. or you just don’t know.. so DON’T DO THEM.. you are overreaching.. your understanding… i.e. Lots of people with SEO blogs.

OOO – out of the office.. if you WFH, when you leave home.. you are OOO.. I am OOO FT. because I WFH on SEO.

P – Paisley – a place in Scotland.. also an alias.. disclosure/disclaimer me.

Q – QDF – Query Deserves Freshness. You search for something, what comes up is something from 5 years ago.. create new better stuff to fill the needs of the user.. not junk.. make BETTER content.. that also happens to be newer and therefore, possibly more relevant?

R – Relevant – is it? Is it obvious? Does it have a CLEAR association involved with the person/place/thing/entity?

RSA – an encryption standard the NSA may have put a back door in?

S – Semantics –  From Google.. There are a number of branches and sub branches of semantics, including formal semantics, which studies the logical aspects of meaning, such as sense, reference, implication, and logical form, lexical semantics, which studies word meanings and word relations, and conceptual semantics, which studies the cognitive structure of meaning.

So I ask again.. Is it Relevant? That is Semantics…

SSL – Secure Sockets Layer – why we have not provided.. encryption. If you decrypt the search, then it kind of isn’t encrypted anymore.. but with tablets, mobile.. going from secure to insecure means you now are infected and have a virus.. so it was keywords or safety… I pick safety… make it all SSL

T – ™ or Trademark or ™ if you are coding HTML within a CMS. Like Copyrighted materials or Registered Trademarks, there are HTML codes to correctly display them.. and you think this has nothing to do with search? Brand + Relevancy = OFFICIAL REGISTRATION – hello? Learning something yet?

TMI – There is no such thing as Too Honest.. there is just TMI.. Too Much Information.

U – Underestimate – It happens a lot.. every day, actually.. you get used to it… you don’t have to be happy about it.. but you can’t be a jerk all the time either.

U – UDP Packets (see DDOS above).

USP – Unique Selling Proposition – What can you do for me that nobody else can?

V– Value – Are you providing it for the searcher? Do your mobile pages have directions links, phone number links, hours and other location based info like GPS/Zip/Address/GEO in their Meta?

VSP – Value Selling Proposition – What can you do for me?

W – #WhiteCoatSEO – Test.. all day everyday… test publicly and transparently. DON’T break ANY Google Webmaster Guidelines.. DO Spam Reports.. Daily.. Google is our friend.. let’s ALL help fight spam.

WFH – Work From Home – I get up at 4am and work until 4pm everyday.. it’s work.. no I don’t do laundry and work.. I am working.. I need a maid.. I’m home.. but I’m at work.. can’t someone else clean this place?

Whine – You ask Matt Cutts a question about Bio links on your website instead of using the Google preferred solution, Google+ and Authorship.

X – X Marks the Spot – GEO meta, GPS meta, Local, Mobile, if you have locations.. your point on the map needs to be correct.. yesterday.. and um.. it isn’t.. go look.. all 1000 locations.

Y – Yahoo! – Yahoo! Directory was the only place you could legally BUY a link… umm.. Ms. Mayer.. it doesn’t work anymore.

Z – ZZZZZZ – sleep.. which is for mortals.. and not people that do SEO, ORM 24/7 that have ADHD and have other varied MPD.

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