Report Scraper Sites! The Big G Gets Reported as an Example

Publish quality content. That has always been Google’s mantra. Don’t build links… build quality content that people will link to.


Any “good” site that publishes “quality” content gets victimized by scrapers and that’s just a simple fact.

Unsavoury characters who want content on which they can sell advertising, basically rip your content, lift it and publish it as their own.

Now, depending on how good they are and how, er, not so good you are, those scraper sites can rank higher than you for your own content.

This is not the post to go into the ins and outs. I will do that next week, but our favourite Googler, Matt Cutts, tweeted that there was a new way for you to report if scraped content was outranking the original content.



Absolute genius!

Some claim Google is the biggest scraper on the planet and this is not the place to debate it. This was comic genius, timely genius, forget link bait, newsjacking or any other “buzz word”. Dan just did what good marketeers do and now he has a tweet more viral than Oreo.

How much did it cost? About 30 seconds of Dan’s time?

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