Carloan4u Penalty – and a Warning to the Rest

Search in for a well known Car Loans company, carloan4u , notice anything odd?

Capture brand search

They don’t rank for their brand!

A quick look in Searchmetrics…

Capture - carloans 4u

Visibility is reportedly, allegedly gone.

I had a quick look at a new tool, website penalty indicator, using SEM Rush data

Capture website penalty indicator

This shows an uplift in reported organic traffic, while Searchmetrics shows a drop in reported visibility. The URL does not rank for a brand search, so something is going on.

So CognotiveSEO next and the fresh explorer

Let’s take a little look at the Anchors.

Capture - anchors

Something is not right here.

Now a little look over on ahrefs shows this has been bubbling for a while with a significant drop in the number of referring pages

Capture ref page

This requires a proper deep dive and investigation, but adding to Interflora, Expedia, Rap Genius, etc., it doesn’t take a genius to work out that has received a penalty.

What kind of penalty?  My guess is probably a manual penalty but then is that really surprising?  Car loans or finance is an extremely competitive area and as more people are turning to companies like CarLoan4U, it’s becoming more competitive, and sadly, car finance, as well as car dealers themselves, are finding that their rankings and organic traffic are dropping like a lead balloon.

The main weapons of choice that agencies use to to build links for the automotive industry are blog comments, advertorials, and, of course, guest posting on blogs.  But since the last series of Google algorithm updates, the times are changing and more of the aforementioned companies, as well as car dealers, are starting to feel the wrath of the Google.

The saddest thing is that the agencies that are offering these SEO/Digital marketing “services” are supposed to be “specialists” within the industry.

It will be interesting to see if CarLoan4u will recover from the penalty Google has imposed upon them, but this I think is a warning to the automotive industry.

Change your ways or be punished.

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