Matt Cutts’ Guest Blog on the Secrets to Ranking in Google

There has been a lot of discussion over the last few weeks about penalties and what you should do to rank in Google. I thought the best way for me to address these issues was for me to just write a guest post.

Guest Blogging

When I wrote this – The Decay and Fall of Guest Blogging for SEO

I didn’t mean it! Guest blogging is alive and well and I have tweeted as much, to prove this is indeed the case

I am also hoping that this apology from me to Ann Smarty will go some way to easing the pain of Ann and the other fantastic SEO’s who have been hurt a little recently.


Shady Practices

I know that the majority of SEO’s out there do a fantastic job, ok, there are a few which are a little unscrupulous and do things that they shouldn’t and those guys need to know that I am always watching.

For the rest of you people out there, especially people like;



Then let me help you!

Buy links

That’s right, go on out there and hoover up as many links as you can, in fact, not just as many but make sure they are home page links, blog roll is fine and make sure you get the right anchor text. If you want to rank for Pay Day Loan, make sure you link on Pay Day Loan and nothing else.

Link Exchanges, link farms, link wheels, link pyramids

Doesn’t matter what you call it, but, get in there, get involved. These are really quick easy wins to build tiered links and get some great juice flowing through your page rank. The more page rank they pass the better! The quicker you will rank and the higher you will rank!

Key word density

We were trying to be clever when we spoke about LSI and query intent matching and ok, the truth is out, Hummingbird was just a big joke it, we wanted to see how people would react when we said there was an update and we got the response we thought. All these influencers had seen changes in the results and knew how to rank in a post Hummingbird world, well the truth is, and it’s no different. Hummingbird never happened, it’s our very own little Roswell – our Area 51.

So the truth is just under 9%, that’s the magic number you need and use that key word exactly, so we know what your content is about.

Social Signals

It’s true, we crawl them, we index them, and we use them. It’s where people talk these days, few people actually blog anymore, so we know that links are becoming less “natural” but we haven’t been able to build an algorithm which relies completely on social yet, but that’s next year and the update will be called “Puffin Phiser Pie”.

Hidden text and links

we love white text on a white background, it rocks, I use it on my blog, I know it works, I have tested it, so you should too.

Listen folks, you know I’m busy, so, this is a quick post to help you rank better and I hope that it does just that for you. But, if you have any queries on any of this. you can catch me on Twitter.

I made sure to add my author bio below, with a link to my Google+ and two exact match links in my bio, there’s another gold dust tip for you, oh and make sure you consistently use the same bio, it’s the only way we can build author rank.


31 thoughts on “Matt Cutts’ Guest Blog on the Secrets to Ranking in Google

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  2. Fantastic Post, I think my favorite Part was:

    “Key Word density, or KWD: the Perfect number is 8.9% – this is what the algorithm is based on”

    I KNEW IT…. WOW, now I can finally make millions of dollars from my website..


  3. Anne Haynes says:

    This made me laugh and then cry! I’m helping a client with a manual penalty and oh my it is a long process! Nice guest blogging post!

    • Hi Anne.

      Well, hopefully that client has learned from their wicked mistakes and they should now know better working with you. Stop all this content marketing malarkey and just get down and dirty with the link building.

      I let all the team off for a paid two month vacation, so if you are doing a reconsideration request it might take a while.



  4. Kalen says:

    Funny, but in all seriousness, I think we should all just start spamming Matt Cutt’s personal blog and get it delisted from Google. That will be an eye opener to him that unethical SEOs will do the same thing to do their competitors. In actuality, he will only be encouraging a new generation of black hat tactics. I think if we spam his website a little and get him some unnatural link penalties then he may see this 🙂

    • Uh…. in all seriousness, I think that would be an incredibly BAD idea. Kinda like breaking into your neighbor’s house to steal his big screen TV, because someone else stole yours.

    • Hi Kalen.

      Er…… Not so sure that’s such a great idea. You know how Santa Clause has a naughty and a nice list and he checks it twice. Well, I have the same thing, and I am afraid to say, you just made it on the naughty list. I just scraped your author bio and have all your sites, so you best watch web master tools closely.



    • Hi Shane.

      Thanks for reading, when I saw the great work the guys at The Meld were doing I could not wait to write a guest post. I trolled them on twitter, scraped their e-mails, stalked them on Google+, sent them numerous friend requests on Facebook and followed them on Pinterest, finally a connection on LinkedIn. Outreach is a tough process but it works.



  5. Aslam says:

    Hello Matt,

    Today is 1st April, so I am little bit confused on the statements because all will harm your website like link farm, buy links, hidden text etc.

    • Hello again Aslam.

      Yes, a lot of people have perpetuated myths about what works and what doesn’t work. I really took this opportunity to set the record straight. If you want to be an SEO optimizer and get people the highest rankings, indeed the #1 spot on the SERP pages, then this is the activity you need to do to make that happen.



      • Aslam says:

        Thanks for the reply Matt,

        But are you sure that if I follow the above methods then I got the top 10 ranking as I have seen in your videos to avoid link farm, paid links, article submission etc.

        Waiting for the positive and fruitful response.


    • Hi Azeem.

      Thanks for reading. I’m sorry, I am not sure what you are referring to. I was honored to contribute this guest post and answer some of the questions I know that have been really bugging people for a while.

      I really do hope you find this useful and you link to it. You see I have a link to my site above, so if you link to this, then more page rank juice flows through to my site and I will rank better.



      • Hi Matt,
        Thanks for clarifying things, I had suspected this was all true for a long while but it is good to have some reassurance. I quick question though, why did you use a brand anchor in your guest post bio? Surely it would be better to link with ‘Best search engine’ in your bio, or ‘Better than Bing (which everyone knows is shit)’ so you can rank for long tail keywords in Google.

        You can have that tip for free 🙂

        • Hi Patrick.

          Thank you for the kind comments.

          You know, it is a very fair, valid point you make. Indeed a longer tail query such as Best search engine would indeed provide more value and help with the organic SEO optimization in the SERP pages.

          However, given a new release of Platypus where we organize brand signals and categorize them in freebase, I was using the juice from this site to get some more brand signals picked up. You see I also wanted the citation value to the link for my blog in close proximity to a brand anchor for Google, thus passing additional value to my blog link.

          Really hope that helps clarify that one for you.


          Ps you are right about Bing (but i do like them, so they get that link for free 😉

          • Dustin Verburg says:

            Duane’s gonna be mad that you harshed him with a nofollow, Matt.

            Also I knew you were all about freebasing. I just knew it.

          • Hi Dustin.

            Cool beard! I think for my next 30 day challenge I will try start a beard like yours. Rock on brother!

            Yes, Freebase is awesome, that’s why I pushed to buy it and I am an investor in the company too. It’s the future.



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