Ich Bin Ein Linkbuilder

A little over 40 years ago, one of the most famous men in the history of this planet made a well known speech – well, today a “slightly” less well known man makes his speech.

Freedom has many difficulties and democracy is not perfect, but we have never had to put a wall up!

Unfortunately for us, JFK is dead, but SEO is not dead!

Say what Barrie?

I am a linkbuilder and proud. All you “content growth marketing inbound hackers” or whatever the hell you want to call yourselves today  (no doubt will change tomorrow) – you’re the ones selling snake oil!


Hell yeah I said that!

If you believe in fairy tales, or well-scripted Hollywood movies with lines you can remember… then you’ve saddled the wrong horse my friend, you need to get your ass over to the Saloon and find out the truth.


It doesn’t work!

You have to build, build, build and guess what, build some more!

Build great content.

So that means getting someone who knows what the hell they are talking about, can interpret and then create something that works. So if you need to build content, then speak to people like Joel and Anthony, Sean or me.

The content needs to resonate with the audience and evoke an emotion, not just another bland article posted to a crappy blog.

Pro Tip: Spend time and money on the content you are using to build links, the internet is already a cesspool of drivel – if you want to stand out and you want your content engaged with, invest!

Build great audiences.

How? Well get yourself over to somewhere like Followerwonk and mine your vertical. Find all those lovely people out there who do what you don’t, engage! Go on, go engage them, what’s the worst that can happen?

You could always take an additional route with promoted tweets, you need to get your mix of owned, earned and paid working for you.

Pro Tip: Engage with all these people so when the time is right, you can ask for a link. i.e you have built the link, ring the bell and feel totally awesome, or amazeballs or just good!

Build great graphics.

Infographics are dead, we heard that one before ‘SEO is dead’. Again, that’s just bull! If you are an SEO company or online marketing company and you produce an infographic then you are wasting your time, but, in most niches or verticals, they have not been over used, so when used well, designed well, deliver well, they will work.

The graphic needs to be factually correct and engaging, but I will let you into a little secret, just building an infographic won’t work, can you guess what you need to do…

Well done Sherlock, build links to it!

Build great relationships.

This is similar to building your audience, go and find people who are knowledgeable, who have influence and engage. Go and find current clients and prospective clients and engage. Find all the platforms where they communicate and engage, go and find the relevant publications and engage.

Pro Tip: Engage with all these people so when the time is right you can ask for a link.

Build great links.

If you just build a site or a blog and “stick” some content on it, well that’s an epic fail and you may as well go home!

There was a hangout recently with Danny Ashton from Neo Mam and Lyndon Atcliff. In the hangout, Danny mentioned that they build great infographics, but that they build links to that infographic to make it work.

With his secret sauce they generate around 30-40 links per infographic.

But note, spending time building links to it so there is an ROI.

The links are the ROI element. The link help deliver improvement in the rankings, bring the traffic, the infographic is the collateral to achieve the ROI.

You need to build links to the content you build!
• If you do not build links to your site you will not improve your rankings.
• If you do not build links to your site your formula for a measurable ROI is flawed.
• If you do not build links to your site….


SEO is not dead.

Linkbuilding is not dead.

If you believe it is, then all I can say is, the playground just got bigger.

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