3 Site Integrity Issues So Basic They’re Often Forgotten

I’ve been talking to a lot of prospects lately, from large and small organisations, with a common theme being that whilst reviewing their websites, whether they are brochure sites or large, complex ecommerce sites, their sites display a lack of site integrity.

By this, I’m mostly referring to common items, like monitoring and fixing broken links, cleaning up after page URL changes or improperly transferring from a previous domain.

All of these items chip away at a website’s authority and we’ve found that fixing these items alone can really help boost a website’s visibility in search engines.

Broken Links

Broken links just happen with websites. You link to great external resources which get moved without you realising and the other site doesn’t redirect these properly (or simply deletes them, the fools). Sometimes this happens internally on a website, particularly when multiple stakeholders have the ability to change a website without thinking about the implications of the changes that they’re making.

You might think that case study is out of date now and needs to be deleted and later replaced with a new kickass one, but did you remember to remove the links to this page from the rest of the website?

So, how do you find all these broken links? My favourite tool for this is, of course, the Screaming Frog SEO Spider, of which I’m a big fan (here’s a picture of me wearing my Screaming Frog Hoodie which they kindly sent me).


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Custom Dashboards to make your life a little easier

Google Analytics gives us key insights to the traffic to our sites.

Google Analytics not only lets you measure sales and conversions, but also gives you fresh insights into how visitors use your site, how they arrived on your site and how you can keep them coming back.

Queue the barrage of NOT PROVIDED comments.

The argument is mute, get over it.

Some of the people who read this will be at the start of their digital marketing journey, others will be more experienced.

This post is one in a series. If you are not using Google Analytics, you should be!

If the thought of Google Analytics frightens you, fear not.

There are a few awesome dashboards which have been put together that can help you get started on your analytical path.

It is imperative you understand how users engage with your site, so you can continually iterate and ensure a return on your investments.

Custom reports can always help you extract value, especially when you set them to email you regularly (and read them, use them!) this is until you become an analytics junkie and the first thing you do in the morning is log in!

Custom reports allow you to view key metrics at a glance and better yet, the more experience you build, the more you can tailor them to your specific needs.

So to make life a little easier for you, we have complied a list of some of the best custom dashboards readily available for a one click install. Continue reading “Custom Dashboards to make your life a little easier”

A Quick Way of Looking at Algorithm Impact Data

One of the tasks that comes up quite a lot at Home is looking at the impact that algorithms have had on our client’s site or a particular sector in general. There are a lot of different ways of analysing things like these, I just wanted to share one of the methods that we use.

This methodology is used for many things but most commonly for financial, specifically, stock trading. It’s really just looking at a moving-average crossover to compare short-term vs long-term patterns and look for anything out of the norm.

I personally refer to it as “that random Golden Cross chart”. Not sure why you’d care about that either, but I’ve put the effort into finding a link and writing this paragraph now so I’m not going to press delete again!


My charts don’t look as impressive as the financial ones with their day open and close figures and all colour-coded but they do what they need to:


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Applying Strategic Business Thinking To Outreach

If you have done even the smallest amount of outreach, you will know that there are a few things that are true:

  1. You will be ignored by a good number of the people that you email
  2. You will receive a lot of rejection

You can write some of the finest crafted emails of your career and the person on the other end won’t even respond. In my experience, this can lead to frustration and then on to despondency. Before you know it, you can find yourself in the loop of producing sub-standard emails that are even more likely to get ignored than the first batch.

You don’t want to find yourself in this position.

Don’t let yourself get bogged down by rejection. Figure out ways to improve your success rate. You need to adjust how you think. When you adjust how you think, you can develop tests, you can try out multiple subject lines, you can bucket prospects and batch your emails.

You also need to ditch those templates that you stole from a blog post that someone wrote on searchwatchmozland.com a year ago – you’re all using these. Stop it. Please.

So what do I suggest you do? Apply some actual business strategy to the process. Get smart about what you are doing. This isn’t going to be a list of things you need to do like:

  1. Find the name
  2. Find an email
  3. Know whether they like to play polo
  4. Know the name of their first born before they even have it
  5. Pretend to be a woman ‘cos someone mentioned it once somewhere in a blog post 3 years ago and people still believe it’s a valid tip…

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Top 5 Hootsuite Features For Business

Top 5 Hootsuite Features For Business


With 6 million users worldwide, including some of the world’s most recognizable brands, a 272% increase in corporate sales, and a thriving online community of users, Hootsuite has quickly established itself as an essential Social Media management tool for businesses.

This dramatic growth has been mainly due to the demand of large global organisations, who have now embraced Social Media as a way to communicate and engage with their customers, create online communities and monitor what’s being said about their products or services online.

With hundreds of social media management tools now available on the market, what makes Hootsuite so popular with so many of today’s social businesses?

In this post, we will look at some of Hootsuite’s main features that support the social media activities of today’s modern business.

Account Management

These days, most organisations are active on more than one social network. This presents a challenge to many businesses. The main one being that this can take a great deal of time and resource away from other important areas of the business. One way to manage this more efficiently is by using Hootsuite. This allows businesses to manage all their profiles under one social dashboard, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+ Pages and Linkedin. Also, thanks to the Hootsuite App Directory you have access to a collection of extensions that will allow you to add even more social tools and networks to your dashboard, including YouTube, Tumblr and Instagram, as well at tools like MailChimp, Salesforce and ZenDesk. Continue reading “Top 5 Hootsuite Features For Business”