Our Inaugural Meld Hangout with Rand Fishkin and Steve Gerencser

We’re doing our first Meld Hangout On Air tomorrow, April 9th, at 10:30AM, Pacific time. We’ll be discussing some of the recently highlighted issues with Google, specifically around linking practices and what is and isn’t recommended.

Come watch our first Hangout

Joining us will be Rand Fishkin of http://MOZ.com and Steve Gerencser of http://SteamDrivenMedia.com. Unfortunately, this HOA won’t be open attendance, but you will be able to listen in live and offer questions and comments. Afterward, it will be available here for viewing, if you can’t make it.

We hope to see you there! https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/cdlv7im795dmlrbs5j79s4ahu7g

Note: You can view this HOA video here.

brightonSEO Workshops and Conference Exclusive

Exclusive 10% Discount for brightonSEO Workshops and Conference 2 Day Ticket

If you work in search, it’s a fair assumption you’ve attended, or have at least heard of brightonSEO. Starting a few years ago as a meet up in a room above a pub, the conference has grown into a huge 2 day event running twice a year at Brighton Dome. This year, 1700 free conference tickets disappeared in 10 minutes and with workshop and paid attendees added to that, there’s expected to be a whopping 2000+ delegates taking over Brighton on April 23-25th.

Although the free tickets sold out, there are still workshop spaces available, which give you a day’s worth of hands-on training in your chosen field with an industry expert, and then a place at the conference the following day. The even better news is that the crew behind the event are offering Meld readers a 10% discount on tickets! Simply use the discount code “Meld10” on the eventbrite booking form for the discount to automatically be applied. Continue reading “brightonSEO Workshops and Conference Exclusive”

Report Scraper Sites! The Big G Gets Reported as an Example

Publish quality content. That has always been Google’s mantra. Don’t build links… build quality content that people will link to.


Any “good” site that publishes “quality” content gets victimized by scrapers and that’s just a simple fact.

Unsavoury characters who want content on which they can sell advertising, basically rip your content, lift it and publish it as their own.

Now, depending on how good they are and how, er, not so good you are, those scraper sites can rank higher than you for your own content.

This is not the post to go into the ins and outs. I will do that next week, but our favourite Googler, Matt Cutts, tweeted that there was a new way for you to report if scraped content was outranking the original content.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Enter Mr Dan Barker Continue reading “Report Scraper Sites! The Big G Gets Reported as an Example”