7 Digital Entrepreneurs Talk Business

I love a good business-focused post, so I thought it would be nice to reach into the business minds of seven fellow digital entrepreneurs and find out about their approach to business.
Here are the interviewees:

Matthew Taylor – Owner of www.31marketing.com – a digital marketing agency.


Rachel McCombie – Freelance Copywriter at rachelswritings.com


Alex Moss – Online Marketer, WordPress Developer and Director at firecask.com

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Classing It Up Like It Actually IS Your Job

Being a proper Southern lady (which I totally am so just ask anyone who’s never met me in person please, as otherwise this charade won’t go on for much longer) I am always very impressed when someone takes the time to say thank you, but when they take the time to actually do something to indicate their thanks? I’m devoted to them forever.

There’s too little of this in the world today as simple gratitude keeps getting replaced by more and more entitlement. For example, I am a big door holder. I don’t mean that I hold big doors, although I would, but if I have the chance to hold the door for someone even if this person is 50 feet behind me, I’ll do it. The other day I held the door for some total bleached blonde cow with a baby carriage and she pushed past me, smugly staring me down without saying a word. She’s lucky I had my daughter with me or I’d have gone into a hillbilly rage where the Muzak suddenly turned into the music that played on The Dukes Of Hazzard when there was a fight scene. Why couldn’t she just say “thank you” and not make me wish I’d brought my cast iron skillet with me as I shopped? (I usually do.)

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Absurd’s the Word: The Triumph of Absurdity in Online Marketing

Absurd’s the Word: The Triumph of Absurdity in Online Marketing

You’re not the target audience for every marketing strategy. You’re not the target demographic for every brand. For instance, when JC Penney teams up with Karina Smirnoff for a sales pitch about health and fitness products, I zone out. It’s not going to work on me.

On the other hand, when Skittles puts together a quirky acid trip of a commercial or a lovably bizarre tweet, I pay attention. I don’t often think of Skittles, but when their absurd marketing tactics hit me, I might just think “Hey, I could maybe go for some Skittles right now.”

Or I would if they hadn’t, you know, replaced lime with green apple. That’s unforgivable. (Author’s Note: Please excuse this brief detour—it was wholly necessary, I promise.)

So, check out these two videos:

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Ten Social Media Predictions for 2014

1. Adverts, Adverts, Adverts

With Instagram and Snapchat both introducing irritating adverts on their apps last year, the advertising cash cow shows no sign of slowing down on its rampage any time soon. I think that 2014 is going to be the year of the advert on social media.


The first Instagram advert from Michael Kors

2. Brand Building

This one isn’t really a prediction, more or a deep-seeded hope of mine. It would be my dream for brands to embrace social media properly in 2014, and not just use it as some sort of spammy sales tool.

Look at what popular brands are doing. Are they begging for likes and shares? No. They’re creating interesting, engaging content that people want to read and share. It really is that simple.

So, please can you guys just crack on and do this. For me?

3. Increase in Paid Activity

As you very much aware, the use of social media is free. However, as you also know, due to people banging on about it all the time, they need (want) to make money. They’re already tackling that through advertorial, but that won’t be enough. I think 2014 will see the start of paid features for social networks, so the benefits of organic activity will decrease and the only way to get the latest updates and features will be to pay for them.

I’m secretly hoping that this won’t be the case, but it will be interesting to see how it will pan out.

4. Make it Mobile

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We Should Just Change SEO to "S" for Strategy

The acronym SEO equates to Search Engine Optimization, which is a facet of SEM, Search Engine Marketing, but SEO is NOT SEM without PPC.

searchIn the end we are talking about “Search”, and what are we really optimizing, a search engine? Not Really.

We optimize text files, (Robots.txt), XML files, (Sitemap.xml), websites, which contain webpages which contain .html files which can contain body copy, images and videos, all CONTENT, which can be “optimized” for advantageous retrieval in a search query.

So What should you optimize? Where are the customers you want to reach in their research process?

They are on their smartphones, this is Mobile, Tablets are also mobile devices, is “optimizing” content different for Mobile and Tablet?

That depends, are they on their couch, in their car? On foot? What are the LOCAL needs of the user?

How do their purchasing and searching behaviors differ?

SEM = Organic AND Paid. – Should we buy ads on Google AdWords? Should we participate in “display” advertising? Should we attach that paid media campaign with behavioral retargeting?

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Managing The 6 Inches Between Your Ears

The Internet Marketing Mindset – Managing The 6 Inches Between Your Ears

For internet marketers and SEO’s, 2013 served up a bunch of challenges and controversies;

Google flexed their muscles on web-spam, black and white animals spoilt weekends, posts claimed “SEO is dead”, in-fighting amongst industry peers, clients demanding more for less, silos being ripped apart and new buzzwords that confused more than helped. Yep, 2013 was not for the squeamish.

So I’m going to set a challenge for each and every one of you: make 2014 the year you thought for yourself, followed your instincts, invited tomato throwing (seriously) and stood on your own two feet.

Is this a rant? Nope. It’s a wake-up call to managing what’s goes into your head, how you mentally process stuff and how you can move forward and kick arse in the way only you can.

It’s also a nudge to remember why you do what you do – otherwise known as your “why”.

Managing What Goes Into Your Head

montybrainRemember GIGO (garbage in, garbage out)? The online search industry is awash with (stupid) blog posts preaching everything from the use of comment spam and link networks to dis-avowing “all the links” and forgetting SEO altogether with “content marketing”.

They’re everywhere, but I can’t stress this enough: separating the wheat from the chaff and learning from those who know what they’re talking about should be your priority in 2014, if you want to learn and grow. In fact, if you serve clients and they look to you for advice and guidance, it’s your responsibility to do so. Continue reading “Managing The 6 Inches Between Your Ears”

5 Proven Ways to Get Out of Your (SEO) Silo in 2014

The majority of digital professions require us to be experts in our fields – and we often are. We surround ourselves with our peers on Google+, Twitter and read various industry online or offline publications.

We even dress similarly (the dreaded plaid shirts)…

To be truly effective and expand and improve in our great jobs and advance in 2014, I believe we have to step out of the silo and go cross-vertical (apply different services to different niches – single service agencies and single medium campaigns are dead).

Part of our jobs and the new threshold of success will be approaching topics in new ways, being creative and doing things differently.

Here are my proven ways of getting out of the silo, which allowed me to look at day to day things from a different perspective:

  1. Get out there

We spend way too long in front of our screens – both the large static ones and the ones in our hands. At this point, it doesn’t matter if you’re an Android or an iPhone user – you probably, like myself, check Twitter and Facebook way too much. I even have different sounds & different LED colours set up for different notifications…

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