Pre-Qualifying Clients – What’s the big “deal”?

When I first started out as an account manager selling IT solutions to businesses, my new-lead pre-qualification mindset sucked, big time!

Not only did it affect my ability to find and work with new best-fit clients, it also drained my previous employers’ resources when bad-fit clients came on-board.

My obsession with wanting to nail every deal was terribly misguided. If I didn’t win business all the time, I felt deflated.

My poor mindset, translated into words, promoted the perception of a desperate and needy sales guy – and potential clients (subconsciously) knew this. Yep, master / slave “business” relationships are made of this stuff.

Here’s an example of my old mindset when a potential client called (cue my cringe):

Prospective client: “We need to sort out our <insert perceived IT need here> “

My thinking: “Cool, a new lead. I love getting started with new clients. All the endless possibilities! Now, what are those new deals that I’ve been told I must sell to clients? Let me at ‘em.. ”

Potential client: “Our <current IT situation here> is OK, but we need to make sure we’re doing all we can to protect our <insert IT term>, grow our <insert another IT term>, become more <insert benefit> and win more <business / market-share>”

My thinking: “Great, they’re hot. They need what we offer and they’ve got goals that we can help them achieve. They sound like a good fit..”

Potential client: “The challenge we’ve got is budget and timescales.  We’re looking for a very competitive price and we need to get started quickly, so we’ve asked a number of other companies to quote, including you and we need quotes back within the next 24 hours. We also need to open a line of credit with you, so we can pay on 90 days” Continue reading “Pre-Qualifying Clients – What’s the big “deal”?”

Managing The 6 Inches Between Your Ears

The Internet Marketing Mindset – Managing The 6 Inches Between Your Ears

For internet marketers and SEO’s, 2013 served up a bunch of challenges and controversies;

Google flexed their muscles on web-spam, black and white animals spoilt weekends, posts claimed “SEO is dead”, in-fighting amongst industry peers, clients demanding more for less, silos being ripped apart and new buzzwords that confused more than helped. Yep, 2013 was not for the squeamish.

So I’m going to set a challenge for each and every one of you: make 2014 the year you thought for yourself, followed your instincts, invited tomato throwing (seriously) and stood on your own two feet.

Is this a rant? Nope. It’s a wake-up call to managing what’s goes into your head, how you mentally process stuff and how you can move forward and kick arse in the way only you can.

It’s also a nudge to remember why you do what you do – otherwise known as your “why”.

Managing What Goes Into Your Head

montybrainRemember GIGO (garbage in, garbage out)? The online search industry is awash with (stupid) blog posts preaching everything from the use of comment spam and link networks to dis-avowing “all the links” and forgetting SEO altogether with “content marketing”.

They’re everywhere, but I can’t stress this enough: separating the wheat from the chaff and learning from those who know what they’re talking about should be your priority in 2014, if you want to learn and grow. In fact, if you serve clients and they look to you for advice and guidance, it’s your responsibility to do so. Continue reading “Managing The 6 Inches Between Your Ears”