Image Link Building – The Way We Do It

I talked about image link building briefly at SearchLove London, back in October of last year. Releasing images under Creative Commons has resulted in some incredibly authoritative links for us at Tecmark. For example, the Government website used our image and credited us with a link. (

image link building

That’s a particularly authoritative example, of course. But it’s one of many links we’ve built this way, not just for Tecmark, but for some of our other clients too. It can be employed cross-niche.

And there’s the process we’ve developed to produce, distribute and build links and citations using images.

1. Set objectives

Your goals might just be as simple as “increase link quantity.” In my case, for the Tecmark website, it was about building relevance in and around Manchester. So ideally, I wanted citations in the context of Manchester.

Whoever we’re building links for, we have a clearly defined goal. We try and make it as specific as possible (e.g. “Achieve x amount of links on sites in a x niche by x date.”). Continue reading “Image Link Building – The Way We Do It”