7 Digital Entrepreneurs Talk Business

I love a good business-focused post, so I thought it would be nice to reach into the business minds of seven fellow digital entrepreneurs and find out about their approach to business.
Here are the interviewees:

Matthew Taylor – Owner of www.31marketing.com – a digital marketing agency.


Rachel McCombie – Freelance Copywriter at rachelswritings.com


Alex Moss – Online Marketer, WordPress Developer and Director at firecask.com

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Horrible Ways To Sell Bad Internet Marketing Products

Once upon a time, I wasn’t happy in my work. The reason was because I was tasked with making good on promises that often couldn’t be made good on.

Those experiences taught me a bit about myself, but also a lot about other people.

snake-in-oilLet’s look at how some of those other people appear to be (mis)selling (bad) internet marketing products.


This is the old “Guaranteed Page One within 24 hours” trick.

The setup is that a prospect is not happy their website isn’t ranking or is taking a while to rank, and the slimeball shining knight of a business development manager tells them they can have exactly what they want, as quickly as they’d like it. That’s how life is, right?

Opaque Statistics That Don’t Reveal The Full Story

This one’s a little less clear-cut.

The setup is that “previous success ensures future success”, with a twist.

Previous success can indicate pedigree, experience and a fairly-earned reputation. But if success isn’t success, then there’s a pyramid of lies being almost-cleverly constructed. Continue reading “Horrible Ways To Sell Bad Internet Marketing Products”