A Quick Way of Looking at Algorithm Impact Data

One of the tasks that comes up quite a lot at Home is looking at the impact that algorithms have had on our client’s site or a particular sector in general. There are a lot of different ways of analysing things like these, I just wanted to share one of the methods that we use.

This methodology is used for many things but most commonly for financial, specifically, stock trading. It’s really just looking at a moving-average crossover to compare short-term vs long-term patterns and look for anything out of the norm.

I personally refer to it as “that random Golden Cross chart”. Not sure why you’d care about that either, but I’ve put the effort into finding a link and writing this paragraph now so I’m not going to press delete again!


My charts don’t look as impressive as the financial ones with their day open and close figures and all colour-coded but they do what they need to:


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