When Will We Get OUR Number 1s Back?

Every SEO must have heard this at some point right?

Your client has been riding high for years, sitting proudly atop Google’s upside-down traffic fountain, hungrily lapping up their justified rewards. They don’t care why or how they rank, just that they rank, and that they bloody well deserve to rank. Anyone who looked at their site would surely agree that they have the best range of products, the cheapest of prices and the most outstanding customer support team the world has ever seen. Wouldn’t they?

Enter The Google Penalty

When such individuals see their site slip, a rankings drop post-Penguin, or receive an unnatural links warning, their initial reaction is the same as most: “Oh shit, what are we going to do?”

As the SEO consultant who ends up with the job of helping them fix this mess, you wince as the conversation soon comes round to the subject of “getting back up the rankings”, and, of course, the classic “so when will we get our number 1s back?”

Perhaps you put them off, wanting to audit the site first before you suggest any timeframes, and as you sift through their cesspit of links you see the house of cards they’d built their expectations on. The road to recovery will be long and hard, but the biggest challenge will be crow-barring open the client’s tightly locked eyes.

Should We Blame Them?

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