Social Media is as Important as Any Other Aspect of Your Business

I read an article on DigiDay this morning about big brand social media managers, and how they feel their jobs are viewed. It seems slightly ridiculous that there are still companies out there who don’t even consider social media when they put together a marketing strategy, especially when Facebook has just celebrated its 10th birthday and every social platform out there just keeps on growing.

OK, fair enough, if you’re a one man electrician business, it’s not necessarily going to be the first thing on your list, but if you’re a brand that is looking to connect with relevant customers in order to drive sales, you really need to look at having some sort of social media strategy, at the very least.

Social Media Management is NOT Messing Around on the Internet

A massive misconception that many people believe is that managing social media accounts and putting together social media strategy is the same as managing and updating your own social media accounts. You’ll get a lot of “Oh, so you just sit on Facebook and Twitter all day?” when you tell people what you do. Yeah, that and the rest. But how many videos ideas have you seen through to completion which have then gone on to have hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube? I’ll bet that the last status you posted about your child’s potty training didn’t go viral. Continue reading “Social Media is as Important as Any Other Aspect of Your Business”

Why NekNominations are Causing Me to Lose Faith in Society

Unless you’ve been living on Mars for the past few weeks (which, frankly, I wish I had been) you’ll have seen the NekNomination craze that has been taking Facebook by storm.

This involves people downing alcoholic drinks and then nominating someone else to do the same, possibly by going one better than their nominator. The ‘hilarious’ japes are filmed and posted onto their Facebook timeline, so all of their friends can see how much of a lad they are. Fun huh?


It has been reported that the craze started off in Australia, and that it only reached the UK a few weeks ago. It’s obviously a universal fact that drinking is ‘cool’ and the more alcohol your can drink, the cooler you are. Continue reading “Why NekNominations are Causing Me to Lose Faith in Society”

Two Thousand and Late – 10 Online Habits That Should Remain in the Digital Past

People have so many annoying online habits, but a lot of the time, it’s things that can be stopped. We’ve all done them in the past, but we’re into 2014. Add these bad boys to your New Year’s resolution list. It’s no longer 2005, no-one is going to think you’re cool.

N.B. This article could coincide with the fact that I’m getting old. I no longer want to spend every Saturday morning waking up with a colossal hangover, and I no longer want my whole life broadcast across social media. So either these things really are well and truly dead, or I’m just past it.

That's annoying!1. Fictional Names

Apart from on Twitter, where a made up name is almost mandatory because someone in China who never tweets has taken yours, there’s no need to make up a name. Don’t add a ‘quirky’ middle name to your Facebook profile. We all know your real middle name is Alan, and that your real surname is Smith, not Smithington-Brown III.

The only time this is acceptable is if you’re under the age of 18 and you don’t know better.

2. Photos from Every Night Out

The novelty of uploading photos on Facebook has seriously worn off. No-one wants to see every single photo that you took of you and your three other friends on a night out. How have you had time to take 203 pictures anyway? Shouldn’t you just concentrate on having a good time? Continue reading “Two Thousand and Late – 10 Online Habits That Should Remain in the Digital Past”

The Power of The News Feed

The news feed is fast becoming the most popular way to consume content. From breaking news on Twitter to a friend’s lunch update on Facebook to the latest post from your fave celeb on Instagram, a lot of the information we process every day comes at us from some sort of news feed.


When you think about how many social networks you’re active on (mine, for example, include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, YouTube, Google+, Tumblr and Jelly) and how much information you ingest in one day, it actually plays quite an important part in our every day lives. Slightly depressing, I know.

I mean, just look at Facebook, when it rolls out another timeline redesign. Nobody’s happy. Not just because of the fact that there doesn’t seem to be anybody out there who’s open to change, but also because people like to receive their information in a certain way, and it can be unsettling when it changes.

What with mobile and tablet becoming the top ways to access social media and consume content, we now have a much smaller space to view a lot more information, so what’s the best way to make it work? Continue reading “The Power of The News Feed”

Seven Social Media Personalities to Avoid

Social Media ClimberIt seems like for every funny, decent imgur-fan on social media, there are at least 50 douchebag pedants who attention-seek their way to the top of your newsfeed.

You know who they are. You’ve put up with it long enough; it’s time to get trigger happy with that ‘Unfriend’ button.

1. The Giver of Backwards Compliments

Some people, it would seem, aren’t content with the number of compliments that they get from other people, so they have to turn to doing it themselves. Don’t be fooled, these updates will often start out as something that resembles annoyance, but it turns out that they are actually a well disguised ‘Look at me and how wonderful I am!’ update.

Example: “OMG it was so embarrassing today, I managed to fit into a Halloween Costume for an 8-10 year old!”


2. The Attention Seeker

You know the type. They’re the ones who post a vague status about something going on in their lives. They want to let you know that they’ve got issues, but they want to do it in a way that can get them the maximum amount of attention possible.

Example: “Well, isn’t it amazing how someone you think is a friend can be anything but.”

Translation: “Someone please ask me about this, so I can be equally as vague in my reply. I just like the attention.”

3. The ‘U ok hun?’

Continue reading “Seven Social Media Personalities to Avoid”

Ten Social Media Predictions for 2014

1. Adverts, Adverts, Adverts

With Instagram and Snapchat both introducing irritating adverts on their apps last year, the advertising cash cow shows no sign of slowing down on its rampage any time soon. I think that 2014 is going to be the year of the advert on social media.


The first Instagram advert from Michael Kors

2. Brand Building

This one isn’t really a prediction, more or a deep-seeded hope of mine. It would be my dream for brands to embrace social media properly in 2014, and not just use it as some sort of spammy sales tool.

Look at what popular brands are doing. Are they begging for likes and shares? No. They’re creating interesting, engaging content that people want to read and share. It really is that simple.

So, please can you guys just crack on and do this. For me?

3. Increase in Paid Activity

As you very much aware, the use of social media is free. However, as you also know, due to people banging on about it all the time, they need (want) to make money. They’re already tackling that through advertorial, but that won’t be enough. I think 2014 will see the start of paid features for social networks, so the benefits of organic activity will decrease and the only way to get the latest updates and features will be to pay for them.

I’m secretly hoping that this won’t be the case, but it will be interesting to see how it will pan out.

4. Make it Mobile

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