Where is Google Taking Us?

Those of us that work in online marketing are well aware that Google is constantly changing the way it selects which sites to show in the SERPs, in which order of importance to display them, and even which sites to downgrade or exclude.

Many site owners may be only vaguely aware of what criteria Google uses in its efforts to respond to a searcher’s query. After all, it’s pretty much a full-time job to keep up, since the search engine’s algorithms are in a constant state of flux.

The Dominant Trend: From SERP Results to Answers


Nevertheless, some trends are fairly obvious to those that pay attention. Things like Instant, Knowledge Graph and Rich Snippets were a few products that were quickly noticed by even casual searchers. But looking at many such features, over time, can help in detecting trends. And those trends can sometimes show you where Google may be taking us.

Google-SERP-Monopoly2Google has made it quite clear, in both statement and deed, that the era of “10 blue links” has passed. They now strive to answer questions right in the SERPs, rather than provide us with links to sites that may answer our questions.

What does this mean to site owners? A couple of things, actually. First, in the short term, it accentuates the need to have pages that are highly relevant to the questions we want our pages to answer. For now, at least, that strategy can still help a page rank highly for specific topics. But what about the long term? Will that really be enough? Continue reading “Where is Google Taking Us?”