Rantin’ and Ragin’: Baby’s First Nofollow Request

I heard the word “nofollow” on my very first day as a link builder, and the word was spit out with the same vitriol people use to describe Crocs or people who keep the stickers on the brim of their baseball caps. Although I no longer do much link building, I’ve been in the internet marketing industry for almost two years now, and there’s never been a day where I haven’t encountered the word “nofollow.”

Before yesterday, “nofollow” was just a word and a concept, but now “nofollow” and I know each other. We’ve been intimate.

I’m the community manager for Linkarati, so any and all outside requests go through me first. Yesterday I got my first nofollow request.

Nofollow Request
Click to enlarge, sucka

As you can see, the person on the other end of the email was polite and pretty well-informed, so I set about implementing the nofollow code.

Now, I’m not a newcomer to HTML, but I’d never implemented a rel=”nofollow” before. Not once. No one has ever asked me to nofollow a link, and I’ve never been in a situation where I thought it was prudent to nofollow my own.

My first try was unsuccessful, so I had to Google it. Guess who had the most gung-ho, easy to understand nofollow instructions? Continue reading “Rantin’ and Ragin’: Baby’s First Nofollow Request”

Absurd’s the Word: The Triumph of Absurdity in Online Marketing

Absurd’s the Word: The Triumph of Absurdity in Online Marketing

You’re not the target audience for every marketing strategy. You’re not the target demographic for every brand. For instance, when JC Penney teams up with Karina Smirnoff for a sales pitch about health and fitness products, I zone out. It’s not going to work on me.

On the other hand, when Skittles puts together a quirky acid trip of a commercial or a lovably bizarre tweet, I pay attention. I don’t often think of Skittles, but when their absurd marketing tactics hit me, I might just think “Hey, I could maybe go for some Skittles right now.”

Or I would if they hadn’t, you know, replaced lime with green apple. That’s unforgivable. (Author’s Note: Please excuse this brief detour—it was wholly necessary, I promise.)

So, check out these two videos:

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