Five Tips to Improve Your Writing

Producing content, especially top quality content, is an unavoidable requirement in today’s digital marketing landscape, and every year many new marketers take their first tentative steps on the road to become top notch content creators.

When it comes to writing content, there are thousands of articles, help-guides, and how-to’s out there for you to read and learn from. I, too, have absorbed a number of tips and guidelines about writing content for the web, and I’ve felt that most have been of limited use, whilst some contain truly golden pieces of advice.

Over the years as I find myself writing more and more – from blog posts to proposals to reports and, of course, countless emails – a small set of core principles about how I write has emerged, and I’m keen to share these with you. They might work for you, or they might not – the thing about writing is that everyone has their own method. The following principles work for me, and maybe the next time you have a looming deadline and sit in front of that terrifying blank screen, you can draw a little bit of inspiration from this.

Write like you mean it

We all recognise those bland corporate news statements for what they are: written by committee with every bit of creativity and spark extracted from them after endless approval roundabouts. That sort of content uses a lot of words to say absolutely nothing of worth. Continue reading “Five Tips to Improve Your Writing”